X JAPAN YOSHIKI頸椎椎間孔狭窄症 人工椎間板置換手術 結果のご報告

Cervical Foraminal Stenosis of X Japan’s Yoshiki

Report on Results of Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery


人工椎間板置換手術 結果のご報告

Yoshiki of X Japan underwent surgery for cervical artificial disc replacement on Tuesday (USA time), May 16th, 2017, at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. The operation was concluded successfully.

X JAPANのYOSHIKIが米国時間 2017年5月16日(火)、ロサンゼルスのシーダースサイナイ 病院にて頚椎人工椎間板置換の緊急手術を行い、無事に終了、成功しました事をここにご報告させて頂きます。

Diagnosed as having “cervical foraminal stenosis” (radiculopathy of the left arm and herniated discs at the C5-C6 levels) due to his intense drumming style, his artificial disc replacement surgery required several hours of highly intricate skills by Dr. Neel Anand. Yoshiki is currently in stable condition. According to the doctor, he will have difficulty using his voice for a while after the surgery. He should regain his regular voice within the coming months as recovery progresses.

激しいドラミングスタイルにより、「頸椎椎間孔狭窄症」(左腕の神経根障害及び椎間板C5-C6の位置に椎間板ヘルニア)と診断され、 ニールアナンド医師 により執刀されました人工椎間板置換手術は、非常に繊細な作業を要し、数時間に及びましたが、現在YOSHIKIの容態は安定しております。医師の話によれば、術後声を発する事が困難な状態がしばらく続くと思われますが、時間の経過と共に、本来の声を少しずつ取り戻すであろうといわれています。

The incision is expected to heal partially over the next 6 weeks, and 90% recovery is expected over the next 6 months. However, the length of time it will take for Yoshiki to see improvement on the nerve pain that runs down his left arm is still unknown.



Ordinarily Yoshiki should remain in the hospital for at least a few days after the surgery. After waking up from general anesthesia and under heavy analgesics, he expressed that he wants to record a song he was writing from last night till right before surgery. Persuading his doctor into releasing him from the hospital a few hours after surgery, he headed for the studio and stayed there for half an hour. However, since his condition after surgery was too extreme, his staff and the accompanying nurse managed to get him back home to rest under his physician’s care.Yoshiki does not have a recollection of going to his recording studio, as he was frazzled and under heavy medication.


In regards to the “X Japan World Tour 2017 We are X” scheduled in July, the Yoshiki Premium Dinner Show dates in August and September, and other X JAPAN world tour dates, decisions will be made based on his recovery. We hope to make announcements as soon as possible.

7月に予定されている「X JAPAN WORLD TOUR 2017 WE ARE X」、8月から9月にかけて予定されているYOSHIKIプレミアムディナーショー、及び世界ツアーの日程含め、今後の活動に関しては、術後の回復状況を見ながら判断の上、近日中にご報告させて頂きます。

We thank everyone for the well wishes from all over the world. At the same time, Yoshiki deeply apologizes for any inconvenience caused by his health.

今回の件で世界各国の皆様からお見舞いのメッセージをいただき、大変感謝しております。 またYOSHIKIは今回の手術により、多くの関係者及びファンの皆様にご迷惑をおかけしたことを心よりお詫びしたいと申しております。